General Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution

What is civil litigation and dispute resolution law?

Civil litigation or commercial disputes can lead to potential claims related to:

  • Breach of contract
  • Professional negligence
  • Contract disputes, including debt collection matters
  • Employment contract disputes
  • Rights of land issues and disputes
  • Neighbour disputes
  • Arguments over prior agreements
  • Disputes over intellectual property and ownership of copyrights
  • General business disputes
  • Disputes over arbitrations and document construction

What does a lawyer do to assist in dispute resolution?

Clients initially seek advice from a Solicitor, Legal Executive, or Advocate. The Lawyer evaluates the claim and advises on future steps or options. To do this, your Lawyer must:

  • Review all provided documentation
  • Determine what additional information is needed to assess the client’s chance of success

Your Lawyer might suggest an early settlement if the claim appears weak. Alternatively, they might recommend pursuing the claim or defending against a weak claim.

If court proceedings are necessary, the initial tasks typically include disclosure and drafting witness statements. These efforts assist in preparing for trial, instructing a Barrister, and assembling the trial bundles and documentation for the Judge, including pre- and post-trial costs documentation.

Civil Litigation Lawyers often attend mediation and settlement meetings, aiming to reach a dispute resolution agreement. This process involves various types of disputes, arbitrations, and roundtable meetings, which are common in these cases.

Occasionally, representation at interim court applications, case management conferences, and pre-trial resolution hearings is required.

Frequently, your lawyer will:

  • Attend conferences with counsel
  • Arrange virtual meetings via Teams or Zoom if participants are geographically separated
  • Communicate both orally and in writing with clients, barristers, and witnesses
  • Correspond with the court via post and email

How we can help with civil litigation and dispute resolution

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