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Family Law

There is life after divorce

Our family team understands that the breakdown of a relationship is one of the most difficult times for families and we are here to assist.

Whether you are going through a divorce, need to reach a financial settlement or assistance with child arrangements, our team bring a reassuring and sensitive approach to these cases and aim to help our clients to focus by minimising the tension and seeking to make the process as smooth as possible.

Our team also has experience with dealing with same-sex couples.

There are different ways in which disputes can be resolved and our family team has considerable experience in dealing with all types of family resolution including mediation, negotiations via solicitors and court proceedings.

We always look to identify the strengths of you case from the start and use our knowledge and experience to seek the best and most cost-effective solution for you. Our team can help you with the following matters:

  • Divorce and judicial separation
  • Orders and Arrangements for Children
  • Cohabitation Agreements
  • Separation Agreements
  • Financial settlements & dividing matrimonial assets
  • Occupation Orders
  • Non-Molestation Orders
  • Nuptial Agreements
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Family matters are sometimes charged on a fixed fee basis or on a time spent basis depending on the complexity of the matter and the work being undertaken  Time spent matters are charged based on an hourly rate commensurate with the experience of the case handler, the complexity of the matter and the amount of paperwork provided.

Our hourly rates are as follows:

  • Partners                                               £275 plus VAT (£330) to £325 plus VAT (£390)
  • Solicitors/Legal Executives             £200 plus VAT (£240) to £275 plus VAT (£330)
  • Trainees & Paralegals                       £120 plus VAT (£144) to £200 plus VAT (£240)
  • Legal Assistants                                 £75 plus VAT (£90)


As each matter is unique in respect of their circumstances it is difficult to give an exact estimate of your costs without speaking to you; the costs can vary on whether it is contested, the assets to be divided and children applications  We prefer to discuss the matter with you to give you a more refined estimate than can be presented online.

We offer a free interview of up to half an hour so that you can discuss with a family law solicitor the details of your circumstances to enable them to outline your options to you and provide you with an estimate of the possible costs.

It costs you nothing to find out more!

We do however currently offer divorce proceedings on a fixed fee of £500 plus VAT (£600)

If you are issuing the divorce proceedings you will also be responsible for paying a Court Fee of £593 (no VAT)

Family Law at Burtons

As experienced solicitors we have access to a wide range of expert assistants, including barristers, accountants, mediators and financial advisors.

If you would like more information, please use our online contact form. Or call us on 01892 824 577.