Tree of Hope

27th January 2020

Burtons charity of the year for 2019 was the wonderful Tree of Hope that helps children and young people with a disability or illness by supporting their families to raise the funds that they need to pay for specialist care that is not freely available through the UK healthcare system.

Burtons were proud to send across a generous donation to this worthy charity and received the following thanks:

“Thank you so much for your kind and generous donation which I recently collected from your branch in Pembury.  We will be thanking you officially but I promised to let you know the total amount including the money collected in the collection pot.  Everything included this came to a grand total of £1147.91.

 We are absolutely thrilled and so grateful for your support.  For a small team like ours, this donation goes a huge way in ensuring we can continue to help the children and families we currently support.”

If you would like to know more about Tree of Hope and the work they do, further details can be found at: