Pupdate – Life Back in the Office

28th September 2021

Hello to all my furry and non-furry friends. It has been a while since I made an appearance at the office but here I am today greeting the new staff members with a full wag of my tail and a welcome cuddle.

After months of wondering what the future holds, wondering whether we would return to normal working practices or adapting to a new way of working, here at Burtons, we have managed it all!

From the minute the announcement was made, we jumped into action, providing all staff with the necessary equipment to set up at home. We adapted the office to allow staff members to continue to work safely, adhering to the guidelines for their return.

During the pandemic, we managed to stay open to assist the public albeit in a remote way. We worked tirelessly to deliver the same quality of service for all our clients whilst still ensuring the well being of our staff. It hasn’t been easy; I have not had the luxury of enjoying daily cuddles and snacks from my buddies but I can report that each and every one of them is safe and well thanks to the quick thinking of the boss!

We still need to be mindful that this horrid pandemic is out there, but with a few extra measures, we can continue to grow and provide the public with a reputable service.

I would like to put a loud bark out to:
Vicky Gallier our new Family Solicitor and Emily Smith our new Family Assistant (showing me the attention I deserve below).

Welcome to the team ladies and I look forward to seeing you more and more over the coming months.

Off for walkies now!