Pre-Nuptial Agreement for Pets

17th February 2020

Pre-nuptial agreement for pets: I am a member of the family not an afterthought!

Shadow, our office pet

Many people do not know that pets are considered chattels, much like fridges, freezers and toasters and that when our owners separate ownership needs to be decided. Sometimes there is even visitation rights agreed (I like this idea, two houses means two dinners).

In family matters Settlement Agreements and Financial Remedy Orders can include provisions for pets (and should do in my view) but before you ever get to this stage you can enter into what has become known as a “Pet-Nup”.

Like a pre-nuptial agreement (more commonly known as a pre-nuptial agreement for pets) it gives the opportunity for parties to give an indication of how they see the division of assets in the event of a break-up of a relationship.

Now my family team tell me that pre-nups are not legally binding but are considered by the Court to be indicative of the parties’ intentions and are certainly persuasive to the Court in reaching any decision. If you are in a relationship, moving in together or getting married (I would make a great ring-bearer) then you should also consider entering into a Pet-Nup to indicate what you both want to happen to your pet.

My family team tell me that they have seen many people argue over fridges, toasters, garden gnomes and other items, but one of the very emotional aspects are family pets. A Pet-Nup may help you avoid this.

How Burtons can help

If you would like to know more about the options then you can either bring me treats and I will spend some time imparting my doggy wisdom, or you can contact my family team on either 01892 824 577 or