Lockdown Pt2 – House Moving Guidance

2nd November 2020

Following the Government’s announcement on Saturday we want to provide some guidance for those who are either currently seeking to move house or about to move house.

Below is a helpful link which sets out the Government’s guidance on house moving. As solicitors we have not received any further guidance from the Law Society, but if this changes then we will provide an update.

We will keeping a close eye on the Government’s website in case anything is updated ahead of Thursday’s lockdown.

You are free to move home is the current guidance that is on the website.

Government Guidance

In brief:-

1. A simple step is to wash your hands frequently and keep as much distance as possible from other people who are not members of your household;
2. Take extra precautions when in close contact with others, such as wearing a face covering;
3. Carry out online or virtual viewings and vacate your property when any physical viewings are being carried out;
4. Ensure your property is fully cleaned before someone moves in;
5. It suggests that you should try and and do as much packing yourself as you can, where this is not possible you should speak to removal firms in advance;
6. If removal firms are unable to help you move then another household can help you move your belongings but social distancing guidelines should be followed;
7. Whilst any removers are in your home you should ensure any internal doors are open and try to minimise your contact with the removers;
8. Everyone involved in the moving process must follow social distancing to minimise the spread of COVID-19;

At the point of exchange we will make enquiries with all relevant parties that no-one has COVID-19 or has to self isolate;

You could proceed by way of a simultaneous exchange and completion which would mean that you effectively exchange and complete on the same day so you can check that everyone is well and able to move before you exchange contracts.

Where there is some doubt about the ability to proceed in the face of the current health issues, it is possible to have COVID-19 clauses placed into a contract, that caters for any changes that may happen. These are not standard clauses and will need to be agreed by all in the chain and they are also not always required. Where they may be required, your conveyancer will discuss these with you.

If you have any concerns, please contact your conveyancer to discuss these.