Head of Barketing at Burtons, Poppy

Head of Barketing at Burtons

26th August 2022

Meet Poppy, our Head of Barketing

Burtons are pleased to announce that we have taken on a new member of staff to head our Barketing Department.

Poppy joins us with excellent qualifications. She boasts an impressive CV including, (but not limited to):

  • A famous can do attitude;
  • the ability to sleep often,
  • she can happily eat treats and
  • she can be adored.

Our new Head of Barketing looks forward to meeting all our new and existing clients, especially those carrying food!

Poppy brings a professional approach to her job, stepping into her role she has already brought in new staff to aid her and we are assured that Snowy is going to be essential to Poppy fulfilling her duties.

Head of Barketing: Poppy

If you are attending our Pembury Office, then you may be lucky to meet Poppy. She welcomes all clients and friends of the firm.

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