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Good Divorce Week – 28/11 – 02/12

29th November 2022

We are supporting Good Divorce Week, an annual awareness campaign run by Resolution to highlight why the Government must support better advice for separating families. Some may think there’s no such thing as a Good Divorce, but that’s not always the case. The process can be undertaken with co-operation and without conflict.

Resolution is an organisation that represents over 6500 family professionals and helps couples find a better way to separate. It promotes a non-confrontational approach to resolving family issues and campaigning for a fairer family justice system. Resolution members commit to a Code of Practice that promotes a constructive approach to family issues. The Code of Practice considers the needs of the whole family, in particular the best interests of children.

Exclusive research from Resolution lays bare the human suffering and cost caused by family court delays.

Promoting the benefits of early intervention

When it comes to family matters, we offer a free, no obligation, 30 minute initial consultation with a Family Law Solicitor. We are proud to offer these sessions so families get the benefit of early professional help.

Words from Juliet Harvey

Juliet is national chair of Resolution. She said: “Under resourcing the family courts system is a false economy inflicting unnecessary pressure on the public purse and unconscionable stress on families at an already stressful time in their lives. A study of the impact of funding legal advice in Scotland found that, every £1 spent by government on legal aid in family cases saw a return of around £5 elsewhere.

“If the government were to focus more on encouraging early advice for separating couples and including information about all out of court options it could ease the pressure on family courts. Resolution members are doing their best to help families achieve better outcomes and find long-lasting resolutions.”

Family Law

At Burtons, we are able to offer options on meetings. You are welcome to meet a member of our team at any of our offices. You can use our online contact form if you prefer and we’ll be in touch via a phone call. Or you can reach out to the team specifically via email on

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