Electrical Safety Certificates for Rented Properties

5th February 2020

Most landlords and tenants will know that you need to have an annual gas safety certificate issued in respect of any house that is rented and receives a supply of gas. However, there has been no requirement for the same in respect of electrical installations; only the requirement that these should be kept in working order.

Many houses are rented that have had no update work done to their electrical wiring since being built and no real checks beyond whether or not a plug socket actually works.

The Government is proposing that this changes and that landlords will have to make sure that any electrical installations are inspected and tested by a qualified person before a tenancy begins. It is further proposed that this is renewed every five years.

Whilst this is not yet law, with the bill currently before Parliament and yet to receive the appropriate approvals, all landlords will need to be ready for the change as it is anticipated to take effect on all new tenancies from 01 July 2020 and for existing tenancies to have a certificate issued by 01 April 2021.

This applies to all residential tenancies, including Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) but with a current general exemption in the case of lodgers.

Many landlords will be rolling their eyes at yet more regulation, more expense and more inconvenience for their tenants, after this comes into force ignoring it will come at a much bigger price; to the tune of a fine up to £30,000!  Multiple breaches can also mean multiple penalties.

Whilst this may not be law yet, it is worth landlords keeping an eye on the changing face of legislation and avoid any breaches.

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