Domestic Abuse incidents set to rise

30th March 2020

With the current lockdown we all face ourselves in, the police have concerns over the welfare of victims and how much incidents will rise over the coming weeks.  Being a victim of abuse is hard enough even when you can leave the house to escape from it for a short time. Now that partners are together for most of their time, the potential for tension to arise in the home as a result of what we are asking people to cope with, in order to suppress the virus, is going to increase.  Some police forces have already seen a rise in the amount of calls they are receiving, and this is likely to worsen over the coming weeks.

The police are urging people more than ever to look out for one another.  This extends to those such as postal workers, delivery drivers, food delivery companies and carers who will still be visiting houses, to keep an eye out for any signs of abuse and to report any concerns to the police and/or advise the victims to seek help.

There are a number of organisations and apps that can help.  The Bright Sky app, is an app which can be disguised for those worried about partners checking their phones and provides support and information for victims. The National Center for Domestic Violence is another agency who can speak with victims over the phone and who are also urging people to keep a look out for those who may be suffering.

We advise anyone who is suffering to call the police or seek help from one of the institutions above, even if just for moral support; it has been confirmed that you can leave your house if you are a victim of domestic abuse.  We can also carry out free initial telephone consultations to offer legal advice should this be necessary.

Although we are in unprecedented times, this is not a reason for victims to feel that they are alone or have to suffer in silence.

If you require any help exploring your options, please contact our family law team on 01892 824 577 or  on