Debt Collection Court Fees

16th January 2020

DebWhen you issue a claim to recover a sum of money owed to you by a debtor there is the need to pay a Court Fee, which if you are successful in obtaining judgment gets added to the judgment for the debtor to pay. In debt collection matters this is based on the value of the monies that you are claiming.

This value also includes any interest claimed.

For smaller amounts there are fixed fees based on brackets of values, after £10,000 it is based on a percentage value of the claim up to a maximum Debt Collection Court Fee of £10,000.

If you issue your claim online then you can save some money on your Court Fee, but you are restricted as to the amount to information that you can provide on your claim form, this often results in the debtor seeking more information on the claim as a delaying tactic and increasing the amount of time that you need to spend on the matter.

For larger claims, we recommend that claims are issued via the Court rather than online as it enables you to submit all your information from the beginning, thus saving additional time and costs.

Details of the current Court Fees payable for the issue of a claim for Debt Collection are shown below:

Value of your claim                                                                        Court                 Filed Via

                                                                                              issued claim             MCOL*

Up to £300                                                                                          £35                               £25
Greater than £300           But no more than      £500               £50                              £35
Greater than £500           But no more than      £1,000            £70                              £60
Greater than £1,000        But no more than      £1,500             £80                              £70
Greater than £1,500        But no more than      £3,000            £115                              £105
Greater than £3,000       But no more than      £5,000            £205                            £185
Greater than £5,000       But no more than      £10,000          £455                            £410
Greater than £10,000     But no more than      £200,000       5%                                4.5%
Greater than £200,000                                                                    £10,000                       N/A

Percentages based on the value of the claim.

*Money Claim Online

Once your claim is issued, if the debtor contests the claim and ultimately the matter proceeds to a trial then you will also have to pay a hearing fee. If the fee is not paid, then your claim can be halted or even thrown out and therefore careful budgeting is needed.

Details of the current Court Fees for a hearing are shown below:

Small Claims – up to £10,000

Up to £300                                                                          £25
Between £300.01 and £500                                           £55
Between £500.01 and £1,000                                        £80
Between £1,000.01 and £1,500                                      £115
Between £1,500.01 and £3,000                                     £170
More than £3,000                                                            £335

Fast Track Claims – £10,000.01 to £25,000                £545

Multi Track Claims over £25,000                                 £1,090

How Burtons can help

At Burtons, our experienced litigators know the fees that you will have to pay. And before the commencement of your case will give you an indication of these fees in advance. Burtons provides a breakdown of the costs involved, including the Court Fee and will discuss budgeting with you and help you avoid any nasty surprises.

If you find yourself in a situation where a debtor owes you money and is either refusing to pay or is simply not responding, then call our specialist litigation team today and get the specialist help you need. Burtons offers a free half hour interview where you will meet with a specialist who will be able to assist in assessing your claim and help you understand your options and the costs.

Our litigation team can be contacted on 01892 824 577 or To find out more about Debt Collection, read our Debt Collection page here.